11:36 am - Sunday November 19, 2017

Pakistan tickets offers Mexico & Columbia festivals tours

Festivals are integral aspects of many cultures, and in Latin America they play an important role in family & community life. Traditionally they are collective events requiring extensive planning to orchestrate, including Festivals that revolve around the agricultural cycle; Fiestas in honor of patron saints; Fiestas of saints & sanctuaries related to miraculous apparitions, and Fiestas associated with the family life cycle. Now, contemporary Festivals are emerging that celebrate specific aspects of culture such as: cuisine, music, literature, dance and film. Here are some of our Festival Tours to Mexico & Colombia you might want to experience for yourself! These Festivals take place the same time each year, so you can join us in 2012 or plan ahead for 2013!

TO book tours for these festivals in Mexico and Columbia please call our travel desk at 1.866.789.8647

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