11:37 am - Sunday November 19, 2017

Air Baltic announces seat buddy program

There’s nothing worse than settling into your seat for a long-haul flight expecting to catch up on your reading, only to be sat next to someone who wants to chat about the weather.
But now, airBaltic hopes to make your flight more pleasant by playing match-maker.

Latvia’s national carrier has launched a new scheme that will enable passengers to indicate their preference of seatmate according to their ‘flight mood’.

The airline’s Seat Buddy service will be launched at the end of June and will allow passengers to choose from a list of options including ‘Work’, ‘Business Talk’, and ‘Relax’. They can then fill out a section on interests and personal preferences, and the airline will get to work finding their ideal in-flight neighbour. They won’t be able use it to ban anyone from sitting next to them.

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